Nexonya is an organization that operates in the construction industry with its experienced management and technical staff, over 40 years of experience, and works with modern, contemporary technological equipment, quality confidence and fast service understanding.

Nexonya continues to produce housing with the experience and infrastructure it has gained, especially in the construction sector, by directing all its investments to the production of qualified housing projects in the field of construction in 2018.

Nexonya, which creates its future with a contemporary and progressive approach on the foundation of deep-rooted and permanent values, provides services with its experienced management and technical staff.

Continuing its activities with the motto "There is Life in Nexonya", the company aims to provide living spaces above standards to its users with the principles of "living humanely, succeeding together, being wise, fair, determined and virtuous". He lives his pride.

Nexonya reserves the right to change, correct and publish any information and images on its website.
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